The Fun Bus

I don’t wanna bang on and start reciting the cheese drenched cliché of ‘Live for now!’ so the best way I can convey this is through the emotive calamity of fancying the arse off someone! The attraction you have for someone that in your head screams “what the hell” but the little butterflies you get when you see them blurs the logic somehow. Sometimes you may like someone and you have no idea why. There is just that ‘thing’ about them that makes your tummy flip, leaves your mouth dry, makes you smile all over while making you think when your brain wants to rest. What would happen if you quit thinking about the outcome of the situation, acted on this attraction and simply kissed them? You may experience that one single moment of bliss. You can always continue doing what your head, others, society deems to be ‘normal’ and ‘correct’ missing out on that one fanciful freefalling moment, where you run with it and for a split second disregard the reaction. Nobody knows where an emotion leads unless you pursue it. Granted it may go tits up but there is that slight possibility that not only you will enjoy it, but the participant will too and 10 years from now you can reach into your archived memories and smile, rather than reflect on the shit feeling of regret or the classic ‘shoulda, woulda, coulda’.

I like to jump right in sometimes not thinking just running blind if you want to put it that way. A lot of the things I do and say are just accidents waiting to happen, like seeing what would happen if snipped the end of my nose with a sharp pair of sewing scissors (I was only a kid so bite me and yes it bled crazy amounts) I often have the bad habit of apologising for things that aren’t actually my fault especially if things with a friend or lover results in a spectacular pile of dog shit. My best friend told me this very evening to stop apologising for existing. You gotta jump on the ‘fun bus’ and ride it out if you truly feel it’s the right thing to do, as if you don’t, you could be missing out on the most phenomenal experience and I’m all about equal opportunities me!

Snowflakes in my 'fro!

GaGa est Cuckoo.