Snowflakes in my 'fro!

Let me tell you a story, a tale to amuse

To play with your mind, perplex and bemuse.

To throw light on the dark and stretch to the sky,

Take lessons for free and learn how to fly.


It begins at the end and stops with go,

The beautiful sight of snowflakes in my 'fro!

Stick out your tongue and give it a taste,

Don't brush them away, please keep them safe.


For when you're asleep the fairies will come,

Gathering snowflakes giving payment for each one.

Not money or jelly or rings for your toes,

Just one kiss per flake placed gently on your nose.


In turn this kiss will sing it's own song,

Makes you wear the biggest smile all day long.

Just remember not to curse when it starts to snow...


And try extra hard to catch them snowflakes in your 'fro!

"Calm down we've all had a bit to drink..."

The Fun Bus