The Goonies Reunion

So the Goonies is hands down one of my favourite all time movies which stinks of nostalgic good times. Oh how I wished away my childhood wanting to be part of a cool gang who went searching for treasure on a pirate ship, and how I would try to make my token fat friend do the truffle shuffle. But no instead I spent my summer holidays being chased around a council estate with a poo stick (a stick poked in dog poo) by my brother and his 'hilarious' friends or playing football and stepping in poo... hmmm I see a theme here!

The Goonies is definitely up there with great old skool movies of the 80s. The characters are brilliant and the plot is ridiculous but who cares... everyone wanted to be a Goonie! I was amazed and excited that the original cast reunited recently to high five each other and congratulate themselves for being part of something so special! Ok I just made that bit up but lets pretend that's what happened! It was actually part of Empire's 20th Anniversary Edition and you can view the video footage http://www.empireonline.com/20/goonies-reunion-video/

THEN: The Goonie crew in all their 80s glory.


NOW: My how they've grown! And check out Chunk who is actually slim and slender with no hair!

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