GaGa est Cuckoo.

So I was sat in my local Nandos one Saturday with a friend and my phone goes off. It was another mate who was ill and basically he had 2 tickets to see Lady GaGa at the O2 in London due to the fact he couldn't make it. I couldn't have downed my cider, chicken pitta and side of Halloumi cheese any faster. We had an hour to grab the tickets and run across London to see the madness that is Lady GaGa.

I wouldn't say I was a massive fan and yes she is a complete mentalist but you know there aint no party like a GaGa party! I remember watching a music awards ceremony on telly with my mum and when GaGa was performing she stepped away from her piano (which was in flames... standard) and proceeded to pick up her stool she was sat on and casually smash the hell out a large glass cube on the stage. Naturally I laughed out loud and applauded the ridiculous stunt, however my mother nearly had a heart attack assuming that it was real and worried not only for GaGa's mental stability but also that this Lady GaGa person would hurt herself on the splintered fake glass! 

The concert (of which our seats were pretty amazing. Soz about the free tickets again!) was indeed pretty insane. The costumes made no sense and the props had an imagination only conjured up by a mental patient refusing treatment in rehab. There were the few swear words thrown out to the audience which may have offended the young and boring, and not to forget the odd narrative throughout the show where GaGa felt the need to get all emotional thanking her fans. Urmmm... thanks GaGa but you're just making me feel a little uncomfortable now so shut up and sing Poker Face!

Whether you love her, hate her, or just don't understand her it doesn't matter. She is what she is and she does it well. Granted her fashion sense of grandma doilies as some facial fashion accessory is an acquired taste, but she can sing and even dance is 56" heels so give the bird a break! She doesn't conform to the norm and openly calls herself a freak so lets not hate her for being what she is... a musical monster of all things strange and beautiful found somewhere over the rainbow.

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