Crazy Ideals... Just Breathe.

If I had a quid, one whole English pound for every time I pondered ‘one day I’m gonna be a star’ I would still be billy broke as I have never thought about this before. Well until now as I have just kicked off this new post with this very thought, and maybe when I was a kid and wanted to be a Thunder Cat… So I tell a lie, I would be a few quid up on what I have now and that would be a grand total of £5.47. (I just made that amount up by the way) The image of being a celebrity has never sat well with me. My motto is to not think too far ahead of your station or reach too crazy high, as if you have all these expectations then if or when you get slapped with disappointment, it’s gonna hurt way too much. Expect nothing so when fabulous amounts of fairy dust gets sprinkled on you, you can bask in the greatness that is you! 

I have friends who are naturally optimistic which is great but then there are some who say stupid shit like “by the time I’m 30 I wanna be earning 80 grand or more otherwise I’m gonna kill myself” It’s brilliant to have goals and dreams but to put such high pressure on yourself to reach them at a certain time in your life is suicide. That’s what parents are for, to create the unnecessary pressure for you disguised in the sugar coated notion of “we just want you to do your best. But screw it up and I will cut you out of the will!” My goals and dreams do not have specifics. The more you pin point it down to the colour car you will have and the designer briefcase you will be taking to your high powered corporate job is straight up stupid. What happens if you have the metallic green convertible Mercedes rather than the humming blue you so wished for (I know jack shit about cars so just roll with this idea even if you car buffs out there thinking, damn you must know Mercedes don’t make such messed up colours!) Would your life fall apart if the specifics didn’t match your ideal? 

My main aspirations consist of one thing and that is to be blissfully happy. Cheesy as hell so feel free to throw your right shoe at my hippy intoxicated face! The more you worry about the future the more messed up you get and the more prescription pills you start popping. Worrying is as useful as trying to do a sudoku puzzle on the tube when you barely scraped through GCSE Maths and you need more paper to work out the sums. I sometimes get mocked for not having a 'Scooby' on what I want to do in the future. Since when was it necessary for me to start planning my life down to the final hurdle? I’m not saying do not plan as no plans at all usually ends in tears and is terribly counter productive, but for God sakes lets not get carried away with the need to keep up just to stay up. You are not a failure if the future looks hazy to you. Those who have their ideals set out scare me more than anything. Not only are they too involved on the semantics of their life but they tend to be boring as hell. Those who interest me and make me tick are those who say “I have no clue where I’m going but I know that I’m not a complete idiot and I know I will have a good time along the way.” These are the people who have a grip on reality rather than those who have already named the 3 kids they have yet to have.

Dreaming is a fabulous subconscious way of making oneself have all the things that you currently lack. I’m not saying don’t dream and aspire, as shit I am the biggest daydreamer. I have a wishy washy type dream of living close to the sea, near a bar or pub in some sort of ditzy little town where oddity runs through and through, and most importantly it is in close proximity to my little bookshop which allows me to cycle to work without shitting myself about being mutilated in London traffic. This may seem specific but if I didn’t have this dream I would be waking up each day thinking, “what’s the point?” However I do not use this dream as a map for my future but a mere ideal destination if my life takes me in that direction. If I get to this dream then Milky Bars are on me, however if I end up in a bed sit, eating a pot noodle but I somehow have that warm fuzzy feeling of happiness, then nothing else matters. All I suggest is that you gotta deal with the now instead of the stuff you have yet to encounter. Optimism is grand, being pessimistic sucks but keeping the subject matter real is where you gotta be at.


GaGa est Cuckoo.