Merry Christmas Party People!

It's ever so nearly Christmas and so it's the season to spread some good love, good vibes and reflect on the year. Woooo! I'm all about 2011. 2010 as some of my friends would say “fell off!” It has brought highs, lows, some more highs and then crying uncontrollably into my own sick which is definitely not one to tell the grandkids! We live, we learn and we laugh it up as I guess life is too short to be a miserable bitter twisted soul. I’ve got my happy face on and I’m ready to smash the back out of the New Year!

Merry Crimbo you gorgeous people who take the effort to actually read my rambling rants of everything and nothing. You make my face do a wee smile type thing. Have a wicked Xmas and try not to get super bored/suicidal in that random limbo land between Crimbo and New Year where you snack on the most ridiculous shit, attempt to tolerate your family and make resolutions of which you have no intention to stick to in 2011.

Sooo… as a last thought I leave you with this vid I found for a fabulous song I was introduced to many moons ago and reminds me of nothing but good times. Big love and see you in the 2011 beautiful face :)




Gone Walkabout

Working 9 til 5