The Rise and Flop of Miss Lauryn Hill

The first time I came across the singer/songwriter/actress was in the classic movie Sister Act 2 with Whoopi Goldberg. She was a teenager with ridiculous vocals enough to give you chills and enough for me to wanna get my hair braided and wear a flat cap back to front just like her character in the film. This recognition and platform for her music threw herself and other band mates Wyclef Jean and Pras Michel into the stratosphere of The Fugees phenomenon. ‘The Score’ was a brilliant album and you know ‘Killing Me Softly’ was constantly on rewind in your Walkman! I have often been found swaying drunkenly with my eyes closed; hugging a random on a dance floor as some smart ass DJ plays this at the end of the night just before the lights come up!

The Fugees were cool as… fact. After premature success the group decided that they didn’t need each other and tried going solo. Usually this is a recipe for disaster but for Wyclef it worked… for Lauryn it worked… but then Pras brought out that Ghetto Superstar track with Mya and he fell off!

Lauryn Hill left her buddies and absolutely smashed it with the album ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill’ in 1998. The record was hip hop inspired along with some random school kids chatting shit in between each track! Hill was fighting strong and gave us such tracks as ‘Ex Factor’ and ‘Doo Wop’. Every girl I knew loved this album… and all the boys I knew pretended they simply thought Hill was ‘fit’ instead of owning up to the fact that her music was pretty hot.

After the global hit of Miseducation and shed loads of Grammys later, Lauryn felt the need to release ‘Unplugged’ in 2002. After converting the world to her sound from her debut solo album, Hill then basically tricked us into purchasing her follow up which was… in short… shit! Complete dog shit! The stripped down acoustic vibe which mimicked a poetry reading session and burning incense sticks was a far cry from her hip hop beats and soulful vibes. In one song Hill decides to cry. Yep. For no real reason at all except she’s a fucking idiot!

So yeeeaah… Hill went nuts. Her 2nd album sucked so hard it hurt and then she goes and pops out some kids with Bob Marley’s son and apparently starts being racist! I don’t care if she found ‘Jah’ and was taking time out to find herself… she needed to quit producing shit music. Her comeback a few years after was just as shocking with her sporting some afro and refusing to sing songs from her back catalogue which made her famous in the arsing first place. Nobody is here to watch you get all emotional love! Just sing Killing Me Softly and stop being a massive prick!

I believe Miss Hill is due to make another comeback next year… but will this be a new invention of nonsense, or has she wised up to the fact that we loved her old sound so come on and treat us. Hmmm… it has yet to be seen but here’s hoping.

As a little treat I leave you with one of my faves from the lady herself... when she wasn't a mentalist... and when she didn't look like a clown!

Working 9 til 5

You Sell Out!