You Sell Out!

How many times have you got the arse ache because your fave band or musician has ‘sold out’?? The idea of a musical artist selling out would mean they have somehow changed their style or direction which strips them of their integrity in some way, shape or form… and in turn you lose respect for them altogether. It’s like you as a fan have become a disappointed parent as soon as hear your once beloved, obscure and super niche band being played on Radio 1. Why do we not support the fact that some musicians actually want to earn some money for their craft and stop berating them for subjecting the noise they bring to the masses?!

I guess it’s that smug feeling we get when you know a band which no one else has heard of and you can then educate your fellow buddies on the awesomness. However it is ridiculously selfish and straight up stupid to then hate them because your mate who loves ‘The Saturdays’ has them in their playlist. Granted if your precious band have produced some watered down crap of their music to just try and break into the pop charts losing the ‘grrr’ of their music which got you moist to start with… then yes you can hurl as much abuse at them as you like!

I had a friend at uni who would get really angry at me if I started to play the music she enjoyed after discovering them herself in some ‘secret’ sweaty underground club. It’s was like I didn’t understand the ‘true meaning’ of the lyrics or appreciate the bands core beliefs because I was late in the game. The band was singing about dancing at a disco… get a f*cking grip! There was no need to listen to the track backwards to hear the subliminal message, and the song was not an arsing onion with layers! It was as transparent as S Club 7 wanting to dance to the ‘funky funky beat!’ BUT on the other hand, another lovely person in my life schooled me in a lot of great musicians and bands and she simply buzzed off the fact I liked the same music as her. Sharing is all the rage people! Don’t be haters!

Music is a passionate subject and like many folk I can get dead angry at those who try and shake the foundations of my fabulous musical beliefs(!) BUT instead of being an elitist knob head, I love and appreciate the fact that my fave bands can break through into the mainstream. As long as they keep doing their thing and don’t squash the sound I fell in love with… then it’s all good baby baby! 

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