Cake. Who doesn't like it! Really... if you don't appreciate the goodness of CAAAKE then quit reading you massive freak of nature! The thought of a moist (amazing word by the way!) sponge, layered with lashings of good stuff which will balloon your ass and add to your ever expanding jelly belly makes me salivate... a lot.

My bessie mate text me this week to ask me if I was to be any cake in the world, which type would I be. Without hesitation I replied saying I would be a home made chocolate cake with sticky icing. Standard. We then continued to discuss cake and we both came to the conclusion that fruit cake is wrong. Seriously wrong. Why would you mess up a perfectly decent fat cake with an infusion of... fruit!! I don't get it! No wait... I just don't like it!

Fruit is all good (as long as it is artificial and comes in bright packaging marketed at kids!) but needs to be eaten solo. As a snack or dessert perhaps. Don't go ruining perfectly formed cakey goodness with healthy shit! It's like pizza. Why do people put pineapple on it?! Stop trying to confuse me damn it. Cake and pizza are meant to be full of ingredients which are not particularly healthy... so you can keep your rubbish fruit concoctions and save it for the crazies/fatties who go to McDonalds for a salad and diet coke!

But I digress.

So cake. It's fabulous and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Om nom nom!

So... if you could be a cake... what kind would you be? 

Growing up is really really rubbish.

Gay Movies. Yes.