Nervous Laughter

Or simply laughing at shit that is just plain wrong but you feel the need to either fill the void of tension with giggles and belly filled chuckles… or simple inappropriate behaviour. Why is it as a nation, we need to laugh at things which are so painfully shocking or just painful at the expense of someone else’s misfortune… or is this just me?

My guilty pleasure is watching people fall over and hurt themselves. Like really hurt themselves… draw blood and break bones. I love watching gymnasts and ice skaters on telly with sweated palms of excitement, whilst awaiting that special moment when some knob drops! It’s fudging hilarious I tell thee! I usually find comfort in the fact that I am ‘sensible’ enough to not partake in the ridiculous sport wearing a skimpy sparkly leotard (masking my deformed breasts due to muscle enhancement pills I have been necking since the age of 3) falling all over the shop in front of millions of TV viewers… and that I am instead sat in my comfortable lounge pants resting my bowl of cereal/bucket of KFC on my belly. Winner!

I once witnessed the magnificent falling of an old lady in my local town centre. Bless the old bean but it was funny as hell! She was carrying a basket of baguettes and flowers as she hopped, skipped and jumped in slo-mo losing her footing and buckled sweetly onto the concrete surface snapping her baguettes in half. I tried my hardest to help… well as much as stifling my laughter and walking around her crippled body on the floor. But I gestured a hand of good will in my mind. Old people are funny… old people falling over is just too much!

I can’t help it. It’s evil but oh so funny. However, I also laugh when I am nervous or lost for words which makes me feel like I am a little sick in the head. I have been found laughing at funerals. Yeah… when is death ever funny? Apparently all the time in my world! I think it’s the feeling/written rule that you shouldn’t laugh… so therefore you kinda do! I was forever getting kicked out of the classroom at school when I received a bollocking from a teacher and then proceeded to piss myself laughing… in their faces. And when I was met with “what is so funny young lady” and I responded with the generic response of “nothing”, I genuinely meant it. Nothing is at all funny except I have the inability to curb the voices in my head willing me to laugh at highly inappropriate situations.

You know you have been there too… don’t lie. You know watching You’ve Been Framed with the Beadle hand was at its very finest when some poor sod got smashed in the face with a football or another twat (usually an old relative) fell down at the reception of a wedding. I say laugh it up. It’s the perfect medicine for sadness, sorrow, gonorrhoea and broken hearts. And if you can’t laugh at your fellow brethren’s tragic life… then seriously what’s wrong with you?

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