Angry Black Woman (ABW)

I couldn't sleep last night and so I grabbed a book and tried to lull myself to sleep. I picked a humourous little gem with hardly any pages (no pictures unfortunately) called "The Angry Black Woman's Guide To Life" and I was laughing my ass off hence waking me up somewhat and negating my 'lull myself to sleep' agenda. Fail. However the read was kinda entertaining, so win.

The basic synopsis is thus: A sharp witty guide on why Black women are so angry and what actually makes us so angry. This however is not deemed as a bad thing but as a a neccessity in embracing the inner rage, as it is what makes us so god damn amazing! Ousiders (i.e White folk men and women... or men in general) may see us as mentalists BUT there is a method to our madness... sometimes!

Listen, I'm no hardcore feminist and I'm not throwing my fist in the air regurgitating Malcolm X "By any means necessary" speech, BUT I am a Black woman and so I could totally relate to the statements made in this wee book. For example I may spack out on you if 1) you ask to touch my hair as if you haven't seen Black hair before... or the classic 2) "I'm not racist because I have loads of Black friends" after you have just  made a silly racist comment/joke. Granted we all can do and say highly inappropriate things, but if my name was Shaneeeeequa or LaQuonda then I may have to take off my earrings, false nails and weave to give you a smack down!

I don't think it is about 'playing the race card' and using your skin colour as a means to excuse your ridiculous behaviour (although I did shamefully use the 'Is it coz I'm Black' line on a school teacher when he gave me detention for swearing at another teacher! But I was young and stupid... and it worked so what's your point?!) I think it's about embracing your heritage, your culture and your upbringing. If you piss me off then I will get mad, but I am mad because you are probably a prick and not because 'all Black people have a chip on their shoulder' as an English teacher once told my father when justifying his reason in disciplining my brother.... yeeeeah, my mother had to restrain my dad from knocking him the f*ck out!

Black people are a funny bunch... and I love them! We are eccentirc, loud, passionate about matters of the heart, dance like pros, can get the arse ache for no real reason... and we can eat chicken all day everyday! Stereotypical some may say and I shouldn't generalise, BUT if you knew me then you know all of the above is true! No point fighting it... it is the fundamental make-up which makes me... me.


Recession? Bore me later.

Karma Chameleon