Gay Movies. Yes.

I was going to write about the top 10 gay movies you should watch before you contract the aids virus and die… but I couldn’t be arsed. So I figured I would limit this to 5… and then that was too much effort so now it’s 3… just because… plus it’s easier and will limit my ramblings somewhat. They are in no particular order (which kind of negates the whole point I guess but just roll with me on this one!) These are just some of my favourite gay inspired films which fill me with good vibes allowing me to self-harm with a massive KFC Family Bargain Bucket followed by a ridiculous slab of Artic Roll. Get in my belly! But I digress…

Sooo… in at number 3 is the delightful heart-warming coming of age tale of 2 gay boys who live on a council estate in South London. I jest you not! A Beautiful Thing is lush (I haven’t used that word since I was about 14. Nice.) Both lads attend the same school and conveniently are neighbours to aid the naked sleepovers. Of course you have the standard situation of 1 kid being all sensitive and shit, is at one with his feelings and extremely brave with his sexuality who falls hopelessly in love. And then there is his tortured lover who thinks he is soooo straight and too butch to be gay when in fact he is just a sugar poof too. As you watch the love story unfold with an amazing cast who have featured in Eastenders and The Bill at some point in their lives… oh and not to mention a crazy Black girl who is obsessed with Mama Cass, you can’t help but feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Winner.

At number 2 I’m going to mention the amazingness of Rent! The first time I watched this with my Irish gay husband, we both didn’t really like it. This could possibly be due to the fact that we both were hanging from a house party the night before BUT STILL… the singing and dancing for no real reason coupled with eccentric gays and an aids sub plot didn’t do anything for me… apart from annoy the shit outta me of course! However a few months later we decided to give it another go and now I love it! How hot are the women and why did I not see this the first time round damn it! And yes they do sing an awful lot and yes at one point ‘the gang’ sing someone back to life… but this just adds to the magic! The basic plot is centred on a bunch of pretty, creative, broke, arty folk in New York who have HIV... and if they don’t have HIV then they are gay... and if they are not gay then they just wish they were! Born from the hit Broadway show this fabulous musical should keep you smiling for at least 20 minutes after watching. If it doesn’t, then ask for a refund. I have also seen Rent in the West End starring Denise Van Outen who blatantly fancies me (and some dude who used to be in Brookside but he doesn't really count!) I had a panic attack at the interval and my girlfriend at the time was reduced to tears as we left the theatre! Both unrelated but both equally random. Just thought I would share…

Number 1 has to be the truly immense… But I’m A Cheerleader! I have seen this about 28 times and I laugh hard every time. The story revolves around a group of teenagers who are packed off to ‘camp’ by their parents in order to purge the gayness out of them! Yup… they are sent to True Directions to stop them from the practising the homosexual lifestyle and to lead a ‘normal’ life. This film is hilarious due to the fact that it is so wrong and the script is genius. There is the cute love story of the main character Megan falling for another hottie (Clea Duvall) and the film touches on the insane feelings young gay folk have when dealing with their sexuality. BUT screw the important message the movie portrays and all the intricate metaphors cherry picked for potential essays you could write on this… because But I’m A Cheerleader is straight up belly aching funny! Fact. However some of my straight friends have watched this and think it’s gash... so not sure if it’s a ‘gay thing’ but I just think it’s a wicked film and a defo must see if you are a massive homosexual!


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