80s Revivalists

What goes around comes right back around again. Fashion and Sub Cultures tend to do just that and numpties like myself jump all over it with an air of coolness thinking we are innovators when in fact the shit you are wearing, the politics you are spitting have already been tried and tested. I often wear 70s inspired flared trousers because I think they are amazing. I probably look like a twat… but part of me doesn’t care (the other part of me does care… a lot… especially when I fall off my bike due to the said flares getting caught in the chain) Oscar Wilde once said “Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation" and the fine Irish man was right.

East London is heaving with ‘creatives’. Fine folk dressed in shocking and sometimes brilliant costumes huddled outside a random bar in dutty Dalston smoking roll up fags chatting breeze. Some people think rocking this look makes them interesting and different… until they clock everyone else around them looking the fecking same. Dressing up like a retard with insane hairstyles dancing to electro inspired punk with a hint of ska is not big and it’s not clever… but you do look cool as fuck! I don’t even smoke but if I did I know I would look amazingly hot!

‘This is England 86’ was recently shown on Channel 4 (a follow up series to the British film This is England) and if you have a wee look at the characters you could easily say that this could have been shot in London only yesterday. One massive likeness of the 80s style and skinhead/ New Romantics/ Mod youth culture portrayed in the series which runs parallel to the revivalists today, are the ladies with the short part shaven hairstyles mimicked by many London lesbians today.

I’m a hypocrite. Fact. I do think some people who embrace this style and way of life are sometimes deluded when they appear to be movers and shakers, when in fact they are pretentious shits who wear oversized patterned knitted jumpers. BUT at the same time I have a ridiculous hairstyle, wear stupid glasses (they’re prescription though… so that’s ok right?) and if my fat ass could squeeze into skinny jeans… I probably would be wearing them too! Yes style yourself like a knob if you want… but do it for the right reasons and don’t pretend that you are too cool to dance to S Club 7 at your local discothèque because your outfit dictates otherwise.

I think you should wear what you wanna wear but just don’t do it because you feel it will increase your subculture capital. I wear what I wear and dress how I dress because it was an accident which stuck and I don’t know what else will suit me and I’m done experimenting. Wearing shit clothes, smoking when you don’t even enjoy it and listening to crap music doesn’t make you cool and doesn’t make you different. It just makes you look like a bit of a dickhead.

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