Hungry Angry

Have you ever wanted to overturn tables, smash inanimate objects or lob a small child across the room when you feel a rumble in your tummy?? If not then it's safe to say you are probably sane... but if you do possess some of these fine attributes then I reckon you have what all the cool kids have... the anger of hunger!

Don't be afraid and just enjoy the roller coaster ride of your your empty stomach unleashing your inner rage. Accept the crazies and embrace your extreme need to break things when hunger strikes!

When I have been hungry angry I tend to show a strong likeness to The Hulk. No scratch that... think a really pissed off Mum-ra from Thundercats. I will get mean and unreasonable and it won't be until I have stuffed a burger in my fat face that calm can be restored. 

Couple this extreme ridiculousness of 'hungry angry' with 'sleepy angry', and anyone within reach is... f*cked. When travelling I would have bouts of what we fondly called 'map attacks'! This was due to me being unable to read maps and being sleepy/hungry/both and getting the arse ache for no real reason at all. Whenever I would be on the verge of a non sensical breakdown at Thai taxi men/Chinese bus drivers/Fijian waiters/Cockroaches I would be calmly nudged and told not to have said 'map attack'... but of course I always would and then feel like a bit of a tit for making a scene. 

Hungry angry is perfectly normal. I think. if you just feed me and keep my round brown belly positively glowing, then it's all good baby baby! 

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