Recession? Bore me later.

Saving money is rubbish. I just can’t do it and I just don’t see the point when there is so much shit I wanna buy. And I mean 'shit' as in the true term of shit and not shit meaning good. Sense? I found myself looking at fecking bongos the other day. Yep bongos. Of course this pointless buy would just be piled up next to my sax, didgeridoo, tambourine and maracas awaiting instruction for the imaginary band I have yet to put together… BUT they would look bloody awesome in the front room of my sexy flat I have yet to purchase. Yes indeedy I am the queen of pointless purchasing and I have never saved money.

When I last went travelling I had no cash to fund this extravagance but instead of holding tight like sensible folk would do and save for the flight at least, I opted for a bank loan and deluded myself that I would ‘work’ when I was away. Did I work… hell no! Did I play lots and spunk all my money in the first month and call home crying to the parents for some more moolah… hell yes! Ah it’s all a learning curve right…? But I would probably do it all again in a heartbeat!

I don’t think it’s irresponsible, I just truly believe that you gotta grab life by the nut sack and swing on them! If I used my head when it came to money I wouldn’t have had half the amazing experiences in the 27 and a bit years of me breathing. Granted if I used my head on many aspects of my life instead of relying on the pointless muscle beating in my chest but often found on my sleeve… I would have had less tears and drama BUT where is the fun in that. Forest Gumping my way to financial ruin has been thus far the best adventure I have had and I will probably continue to excel in this art form.

I’m not saying this works for everyone and I am not advocating being a tosser with money and then blaming me when you’re bankrupt. Being skint is not big and it’s not clever… BUT buying inanimate objects to make yourself feel like a better person when the rent needs paying… is certainly heaps more fun innit!

Stay Gold Ponyboy

Angry Black Woman (ABW)